Devotionals and Storybook Bibles for families

Devotionalsand Storybook Biblesfor Families

Easter is a great time to evaluate and refresh your family devotional time.  If you’re looking for the perfect devotional or storybook Bible to read with your kids, I have some ideas for you!

We’ve had our share of duds—devotionals that were too superficial and lacked any spiritual depth.  Some of the ones listed below our our favorite finds that stand out as digging deeper and providing a solid biblical foundation for our kids.  Other items on the list are ones that are on my “I want to do this next list” because they look so good!

Don’t worry about starting a 365-day devotional in the spring.  Either begin at the beginning and just keep going to the end.  Or, start on the actual date and wrap around through the new year until you’ve finished.

Feel free to browse and find the book that might be the best for your family! Any of these could make a great Easter gift for children or grandchildren, as well.

For Toddlers and Early Preschoolers:

  • My Good Night Bible by Susan Lingo
    These are the very first devotion books we used with my kids starting at late two-years-old and on through the early preschool years.  They are short and sweet and, unfortunately out of print.  But you can still buy used copies from sellers on Amazon!
    good night bible
  • My Good Night Prayers by Susan Lingo
    good night prayers

Devotional for families with older children (tweens and teens):

Storybook Bibles

  • The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
    Every story in The Jesus Storybook Bible points to Jesus, creating one overarching message of salvation.  I read this to my youngest daughter when she was finishing up preschool.  I think that’s really too soon to fully appreciate the message of the book and think it’d be a good fit for younger elementary years instead.
    jesus storybook bible
  • My First Message by Eugene Peterson
    my first message
  • The Beginner’s Biblebeginners bible
  • The Action Bible
    The Action Bible
    was a huge hit with one of my daughters who loves graphic novels.  She devoured this during her reading time.  It has solid biblical content with artwork and a style she loved.  She first received the Action Bible when she was 8 and that seemed like a good age, but it would likely appeal to any of the upper elementary grades.
    action bible
  • The Story for Children, a Storybook Bible
    The Story
    is at times a good storybook Bible, although my kids weren’t always happy with the details or stories that were left out. I think my own children were just getting too old and were ready to read the Bible itself instead of the abbreviated version.
    story for children

Easter Devotional:

As our children get older, we’re moving away from storybook Bibles and devotionals and spending the majority of our time reading Scripture itself as a family.  If you’d like to begin reading the Bible aloud with your kids, here is a plan that takes you through the book of Mark in 30 days:
30 Days in the Book of Mark

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