Book Review | Hope Unfolding

Hope Unfolding: Grace-Filled Truth for the Momma’s Heart
by Becky Thompson

I think what every mom truly needs deep down is for someone to say, “I see you.  You’re doing a great job.  We’re in this together.”  That’s Becky Thompson’s message in her book, Hope Unfolding.  She’s giving all the moms out there, especially the young moms in those toddler/preschool/early elementary years, the promise of hope and the encouragement we need when we’re weary.hopeunfolding

The book includes 10 messages moms need to hear like: You’re Not Alone, God Hasn’t Forgotten About You, You Are Not Your Mess, God Loves You Just As You Are, You Are Enough, etc.  She uses her own personal stories, both funny and sad, and adds in a light touch of Scripture for each theme.  The chapters conclude with “Let’s Talk” where she ‘chats’ a bit with the reader, “Let’s Pray” and “Let’s Hope,” which picks out the big-idea and shares it in just a sentence or two.

Hope Unfolding isn’t a parenting how-to book and it’s not a Bible study.  The looks at Scripture are quick and encouraging without digging very deep.  It’s a lovely look into another mom’s heart and a reminder that we’re in this together, and reads very much like extended mommy-blog posts.  The book could also make a wonderful gift for young moms who maybe just need 5 minutes of ‘hope,’ a cup of tea and some chocolate to help them remember the beauty of this holy calling despite the mess of the moment.

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