Book Review | Keep Your Love On

Keep Your Love On
by Danny Silk

In Keep Your Love On, Danny Silk focuses on some of the conflicts and pitfalls in relationships that drain us emotionally and leave us KYLOready to abandon loving others.  He draws on wisdom and advice from other sources such as love languages (from The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman) and boundaries (from Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend), but it is helpful to have all of the info in one place.

His focus is often on marriage, although he does emphasize the circles of influence/relationships we have and who belongs in each.  We all should have God at the center, then our spouse, our kids, other family and close friendships, etc.  It’s easy to get that mixed up and find ourselves giving ‘outsiders’ more access to us than our closest family.

I also liked his discussion of boundaries and how to talk through conflict, including refusing to engage in a discussion when someone isn’t speaking to you with respect.  That’s one boundary I’ve had to hold onto recently and I suspect it is becoming even more necessary in our era of technology and communication when people shoot off nasty emails and post hurtful blog comments or Facebook replies in seconds.

He’s pretty quick and to the point in every chapter.  I probably would have preferred more examples and explanations.  Sometimes I felt like I could say to him, ‘Well, I can see how that would work in this situation, but what about…..” but he didn’t anticipate that or cover more possibilities.  He talked about some of his own marital challenges in the first ten years with his wife and how they overcame, and I found myself thinking—so, how did you overcome?  I also would have liked more and, in some cases, better biblical examples and support for his points.  I read somewhere that there are videos and other accompanying materials for “KYLO” and maybe that’s what I’m missing.

With that said, this book could be especially useful for those dealing with difficult relationships, maybe in marriage or even ministry.  We often need the reminder of why we set boundaries and how to stick to them.  I think his overall goal was to help the reader learn to value and pursue the connection with others even when you disagree with them while establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

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