Book Review | Unashamed

by Christine Caine

The first time I heard Christine Caine speak, I was stunned by this powerhouse of a preacher, and her voice in her new book, Unashamed, is just as powerful as ever.  This book tells her very personal journey of overcoming the prison of shame that could have held her back both in relationships and ministry.unashamed

When most people talk about overcoming shame, they focus on the shame of what we’ve done and maybe a little on shame of what’s been done to us.  Christine Caine’s story goes even beyond that. She does talk about overcoming the shame of being a sexual abuse victim as a child.  But she also talks about the shame of growing up in the marginalized Greek community in Australia, about finding out as an adult that she’d been adopted (info her adoptive parents kept secret because of their own shame over fertility issues), and she talks a great deal about overcoming the shame of being “different” as a woman.  She’s a leader, that’s for sure.  But growing up and even within the Christian community as an adult, she was taught that she had to be “less than” because she was a woman.  She shouldn’t lead or be too smart or too capable.  She just needed to get a man and have kids.  So when she talks about shame, it includes feeling shame over who we are and how God has made us!

With any Christine Caine book, she writes as she speaks.  It’s easy to read.  It packs a lot of punch. It’s not intense and in depth Bible study, but it’s challenging and inspiring and can bring a lot of freedom.  In Unashamed, she talks about choosing not to be a victim, finding freedom in the mercy of Jesus, controlling your thought life, and forgiving even when it’s so very hard to forgive.  Ultimately, her message returns to the freedom Christ gives us.  She says, “God is not only more powerful than anything you’ve done but also stronger than anything ever done to you…God is bigger than your mistakes, your inadequacies, your past, and your limitations.”

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