Book Review |Your Sacred Yes

Your Sacred Yes: Trading Life-Draining Obligation for Freedom, Passion & Joy
by Susie Larson

It’s so easy to feel obligated and guilted into saying ‘yes’ to every request for our time and attention, but Susie Larson writes in her sacredyesbook, Your Sacred Yes, about how to discern man-made obligations from God-given invitations.  The book focuses on matching God’s pace for our lives, not rushing, not hurrying, not packing our days too full, and yet staying as busy and fruitful as God plans.  It’s not about leading a life that isn’t busy—it’s about doing only what God tells you to do.

She shares openly from her own ministry experience and personal story.  The book is divided into sections called The Sloppy Yes, the Shackled Yes, and the Sacred Yes—a reminder that sometimes we say ‘yes’ without thinking, sometimes we say ‘yes’ because we feel we have to, and sometimes we say ‘yes’ because we really are responding to God’s call.  I liked her discussion of peer pressure and captivity to people-pleasing especially.  Each chapter also includes personal reflection questions, a wise word, group discussion starters, and a faith declaration, making it accessible for individual or group use.

So many authors are currently tackling similar themes for overworked, overstressed, overextended women to help them set boundaries, protect their time, learn to say ‘no,’ honor the Sabbath and build margin into their life and schedule.  Susie Larson does a fine job of tackling this same subject and I liked her ‘voice.’  It sounded genuine and ‘real.’

I do feel, though, that other books on this topic have had more of an impact on my life, and I can’t say I walked away with a new or fresh perspective after reading Your Sacred Yes.  I also feel like others have given me more practical applications and ideas of how to put these lessons into action.  However, for encouragement and the reminder that saying ‘yes’ to everything means not giving God your best, this book is a good read.

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