If I Plug My Ears | Book Review

Jessie Clemence brings her witty, laugh-out-loud funny, and totally frank voice to the topic of obeying God in her new book, If I Plug My Ears, God Can’t Tell Me To Dojessie-clemence.  She shares personally from her own family’s adventures in obedience and especially about her own journey into writing.  Each chapter is also followed by personal stories from other bloggers and ‘regular people’ who were called to do things as varied as move across country to giving away a watch.  I loved the wide swing, the variety she gives, so it’s clear that following God may mean moving overseas and serving as a missionary, but it doesn’t have to mean that.  It might mean walking up to a stranger in the grocery store and giving them $20 because God told you to do it.

While there are lots of books about the theoretical whys and wherefores of obedience, Jessie delves into the practical issues in a way I haven’t really read before.  She gets into the nitty gritty of finances and how to tell your ‘Nana’ and other family members the crazy thing God told you to do.  Also included is a one page questionnaire to help you figure out “Is This the Call of God or Have I Gone Mad?”  With lots of Scripture and lots of personal relevance, the book can be an encouragement and challenge to prepare your heart and life for God’s call.  The study questions she includes at the end of each chapter would be great for book club discussions or simply personal application.

By the end of the book, I felt like Jessie’s chief accomplishment was giving courage to her reader.  She writes, “You and God can do this together. You really can.”  She also reminds us that “nothing we do for God is insignificant.”  What a great reminder when you feel a little lost, a little confused, a little weary, a little impatient, and a lot overwhelmed.  God calls us to follow Him, but He goes with us, so we needn’t be afraid.

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