Book Review | Unafraid

by Susie Davis

In 1978, Susie Davis witnessed a shooting in her classroom.  A fellow student walked in that day and killed her teacher.  Since that time, she knew God, but didn’t trust Him, living with debilitating fear as a young woman, and then as a wife and mom. Unafraid is her personal story of how she learned to trust God in an unsafe world.Unafraid


Susie’s story is unique, of course.  Not all of us have endured such a shock to our systems as children, and yet so many of us lived trapped by fear.  We are terrorized to make a wrong decisions.  We hover over our children, thinking their safety depends on us.  Whatever the reason, many of us can relate to Susie’s struggle with fear and how to trust God even when life seems out of control.

This is her personal story and journey to trusting God.  It’s not a theological treatise on fear or a 12-step process of overcoming fear.  It’s not a to-do list or a how-to manual. With that said, it’s a beautiful book.  She discusses honesty and transparency, relationships, and links unforgiveness and fear in a way that I hadn’t considered before.  Throughout the book, she weaves this gentle metaphor of trees, always using a tree to illustrate the condition of her heart at different points in her life.

The book also includes a section in the back for discussion questions and a study guide, making it well-suited for individual study, a book club or a small group.

Ultimately, Susie’s message is about growing in our faith.  As she says, ‘We must grow big in faith, not fear.’  Her own testimony is one that she’s eager to share, how a grown, married woman who couldn’t stay in her house alone overnight because of crippling fear learned to live in faith and with peace.

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