A.D. The Bible Continues | Book Review

A.D.:The Bible Continues
with notes and insights by Dr. David Jeremiah

This companion book to the NBC Miniseries, A.D.:The Bible Continues, traces the origins of the early church, starting with the crucifixion of Christ and continuing through the resurrection, the persecution of Peter, the conversion of Saul, and the missionary journeys of Paul.  The bulk of the text itself is the book of Acts in the New Living Translation, without the verse numbers and chapter divisions that you see in a standard Bible.  It feels more like reading a regular book, allowing you to get caught up in the story—the opposition, the enemies, the persecution, the miracles, the passion of those first followers of Jesus.

Dr. David Jeremiah shares insights about the historicity of the church, the veracity of Scripture, and the context of the events in his notes and insights in the book.  He includes biographies on the major players, making the people in Scripture ‘come alive.’

The book reads easily and seamlessly, making this a solid and engaging introduction to the Bible.  Key word there is ‘introduction.’  Those who love reading the Bible already aren’t going to find much here that is new or enlightening.  If you have a Bible with study notes, you probably aren’t going to buy this book.  However, the target audience is likely those with little or no Biblical background.  Or, for those who have tried to read the Bible before but struggled because they feel it is ‘dry,’ this might be a great way to start fresh.  It could also make a great gift for others (especially teens and young adults) and might work well for family devotions (read the book/watch the show and discuss).


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