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Dear Lauren…On Your Birthday

Dear Lauren, You have been growing. I didn’t need you to step up into the measuring booth at Busch Gardens to tell me that.  No need for a doctor’s statistics, a growth chart, or a scale to verify what I’ve known all year. I’ve seen it. This one day we celebrate another year of you, […]


Why do we call this Friday “Good?”

She asked me why we call it “Good Friday.”  Why “good?” Why “Happy Easter” or “Happy Resurrection Day?” What makes this so “happy?” How could we celebrate this death, this sacrifice, this sadness?  We should be so much more serious and sad, she tells me. Like the disciples who mourned, like Mary Magdalene crying beside […]


What to do (and what not to do) when staring at a STOP sign for more than 5 minutes

I complained about the road work. Typically, I zip around this tiny town of mine, back and forth all day every day, transporting children.  Pick this child up.  Drop her off.  Go back and get the other child.  Drive her somewhere else.  Return to the first location to pick up one child and deposit another. […]


What Caterpillars Know That Sometimes I Forget

There’s always a rebel. This cup of caterpillars arrives in the mailbox and I set it up high so we can watch them grow. And do they ever grow. Within a few days, they start scaling the walls of the plastic cup and demonstrate their acrobatics by clinging to the lid and hanging upside down.  […]


Today, I Can’t Do Everything, But I Can Do One Thing

Today, my to-do list keeps growing instead of shrinking. It’s like a monster from a sci-fi movie, a speck of a bug that everyone scoffs at until it morphs into a gigantic beast who crushes unsuspecting humans underfoot. This is frustrating. I’m running around, working frantically at each item on my list. But I’m hopping […]


When You Have to Squint Your Eyes to See the Beauty–a devotion from my garden

Sometimes you have to fight for the glory and squint your eyes tight to find the wonder. Like today. My daughter woke me up early.  She was ready for the day; I wanted to enjoy a little more night, and so the morning began with a headache, fatigue and maybe a not-so-cheerful attitude. Then, just […]


Even When I’m Disappointed, I’ll Love You Anyway

Suffice it to say, hiding the evidence didn’t work. I found her hidden stockpile, proof of mistakes that she’d stuffed into a corner of her bedroom.  I suppose she thought somehow that it’d eventually disappear or I’d just never notice. But she underestimates a mom’s ability to discover truth (she never did figure out those […]

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How Can I Dance in Worn-Out Shoes?

  She tells me they fit.  “Ballet shoes need to be that tight,” she says. I’m looking at the worn-out gray of the leather where she’s danced and danced on that shoe, and I’m thinking it’s been two years probably since I bought them for her. Maybe she’s the dance expert, but this momma knows […]


Will Break for Beauty Because Eden Is What We Were Meant For

We took a day off for beauty. We climbed into the minivan for a drive on a sunny, warm-but-not-too-warm day, passing horse farms and the river, watching sunlight burst through the tops of trees. Sitting along the edge of the beach, we tipped over buckets of moistened sand to form sand castles.  Pine needles and […]


7 Activities to teach kids about Easter

I’ve been on a bit of a Mom Quest these past few years.  We’ve never been an Easter bunny family who lines up for pictures at the mall or decorated the house with rabbits, chicks and eggs every spring. Our goal as parents is to keep the focus on Jesus’ death and resurrection.  That’s what […]


Heart Wide Open, Book Review

Heart Wide Open: Trading Mundane Faith for an Exuberant Life with Jesus by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson With a little Southern charm, a little friendly honesty, and a lot of genuine passion for God and His Word, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson’s book, Heart Wide Open, encourages women to trade in formulaic devotions and rigid expectations of ‘quiet […]


Restless DVD-Based Study Kit, Book Review

Restless: Because You Were Made for More DVD-Based Study Kit by Jennie Allen I’ve reviewed Jennie Allen’s book, Anything, and her study, Chase, and I come to the same conclusion even now as I review her newest study materials: Restless: Because You Were Made for More.  Jennie Allen always comes across as genuine.  That’s the […]


No Cape Required, Book Review

No Cape Required: 52 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Hero by Kristen Parrish As a mom, I’m always on the hunt for ways to emphasize character education with a Biblical foundation for my kids, so Kristen Parrish’s book, No Cape Required, caught my attention.  She uses 52 examples from literature, film, and comic books to […]


Crash the Chatterbox, Book Review

Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick Most of us probably battle that same internal dialogue of discouragement, lies, and even self-condemnation that Steven Furtick describes in his new book, Crash the Chatterbox.  His goal isn’t to help us overcome that completely.  As he says, it’s a battle that continues daily.  Instead, he wants to give […]


I Am Not But I Know I AM, Book Review

I Am Not But I Know I Am: Welcome to the Story of God By Louie Giglio The message of Louie Giglio’s book, I Am Not But I Know I Am, is both humbling and freeing.  He reminds us from the beginning of the book that this life story we’re living isn’t really about us […]


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