The Love & Respect Experience, Book Review

The Love & Respect Experience: A Husband-Friendly Devotional that Wives Truly Love
by Emerson Eggerichs

Years ago, I found myself counseling and praying for several couples struggling with separation and divorce, and I wish that I had The Love & Respect Experience then to give them as a marriage resource.   The baseline concept in this book is absolutely the best marriage principle I have ever read, heard, or taught, and I’ve read many marriage books over the years.

Based on Ephesians 5, wives are reminded to respect their husbands and husbands to love their wives. Eggerichs is careful not to make generalizations about women and men in marriage and doesn’t define submission as wives serving as mindless automatons or tolerating abuse. But, he does challenge wives to accept their husbands’ choices, stop nagging, choose not to speak badly about their husbands and not to mock them, joke about them, imply ineptitude, or make comparisons with other men.

Still, I’ve heard it before. Wives telling me that they “accidentally” left a book on marriage where their husband would see it, hopefully read it, and miraculously make all the changes the book prescribes. What I’ve never heard is a single time that actually worked. So, I’m not certain that the claim that this is a “husband-friendly devotional” is fair. Some husbands will love it and may be open to reading it together as a couple; others won’t.  I’m not sure that a husband would initially react any differently to this marriage book than any other one the wife excitedly leaves out hoping he’ll see it and feel inspired.

This is the same material in the regular book,Love & Respect, only broken into 52 “devotional” segments with both prayers and action points to finish off each section. It’s accessible, practical, and full of some good advice for couples. For a more comprehensive discussion of each topic, though, you may want to read the original book rather than this devotional format.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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